A message from our Chairman of the Board

Congratulations to Dr. Davis-Russell, President Emeritus of the University and Chair of the Foundation electronic Library/ E-Brary fund drive.

Welcome to President Edward Lama Wonkeryor, PhD, William V.S. Tubman University to the Foundation Board.

Tubman University, located in southeastern Liberia, has become a beacon of hope to students, professors, employees and families since its inception. The institution has set a high standard of learning, producing graduates capable of landing professional careers in their respective fields. The University, once deserted, has created a positive and recognizable impact in Liberia, Africa and the World.

For example, students who once were unable to obtain a college degree unless they migrated to Monrovia now have access to quality education with some of the best educators in the nation. Graduates can now choose to remain in the southeast which leads to greater economic activity and thereby fuel prosperity at the regional and national level. The curriculum is designed to create entrepreneurs and to meet jobs demanded by the market. Tubman University is a development model commendable to be replicated. 

The William V.S. Tubman University Foundation Board is comprised of American academicians and entrepreneurs committed to public-private partnership development in support of Dr. Davis-Russell’s efforts in building and developing a first class institution, as requested by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.  The Foundation has supported TU and will continue to do so.

We are thankful to President Johnson Sirleaf for the decision to open the second state university in Maryland County. The Board congratulates President Davis-Russell for her vision in building an institution that is recognized and touted as the best in Liberia. Moreover, the Board is appreciative of the support the Government of Liberia continues to render to TU, and the many contributions from local and international partners in the form of service, materials and scholarships.

The Foundation Board wishes to express its thanks and appreciation to Board Member Thomas Russell for giving Maryland County and Liberia the opportunity to have his wife serve as the creator and builder of a great institution. To you, Dr. Elizabeth Davis-Russell we say "Thank you plenty!" for your leadership and service to your country of birth, Liberia, the US and the World. The Board is looking forward to your continued involvement as Chair of the E-Brary Fund Drive efforts.

The members of the Foundation Board are very pleased with the selection process used by the Board of Trustees lead by its Chairman Dr. Emmett Dennies of Dr. Edward Wonkeryor and the endorsement by President Johnson Sirleaf in keeping with Tubman University Charter.

It is our prayer that Dr. Wonkeryor will continue with the 25 years plan and the vision of the University to the benefit of the people of Liberia, Africa and the world.


Gerald F.B. Cooper

Chairman of the Board

William V.S. Tubman University Foundation

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