The Visitor of William V.S. Tubman University

George Manneh Weah - President of the Republic of Liberia

William V.S. Tubman University Foundation Advisory Council Members
David Lewis -  
Dr. Eric Hanson -
Kenneth B. Morris, Jr. -
Doc Lawson -

Responsibilities for the Tubman University Foundation
Honorary/Advisory Council
February 2016


Meeting Attendance Requirements:
It is suggested that there be one Advisory Council meeting per year to keep the members
up to date and to encourage their participation. Since there may be only one formal Advisory Council meeting annually, 100% attendance is suggested for each member. The date of the meeting will be set at the beginning of each year so time and date can be saved.

Financial Contribution Requirements:
A contribution to Tubman University Foundation (TUF) is not required but each member will be asked to contribute according to their interest, commitment and ability It is important to have all Board and Council members be donors so that when seeking grants and funds from foundations and corporations, we can proudly respond Yes when asked, “Do all of your insiders give?”

Event Participation
As with all not-for-profit organizations, TUF holds events for building financial support and for promoting positive visibility. Each Advisory Council member is invited to attend these events and to help increase attendance and revenue by inviting colleagues and friends to the event.

Committee Membership
There are several standing committees of the TUF Board.  To develop a closer relationship to and support of the mission and to benefit from the talents, skills and experience that the Advisory Council members, each member of the Council is invited to participate on one Board committee.

The term for each board member of the Advisory Council is for two years with
the option to serve a second term.


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