The Harriet Tubman Centennial Architectural Design Challenge

The emergence of a state-of-the-art edifice to showcase the creative talent and knowledge involving architectural students from three Universities in the United States. The successful implementation of this project shall have global significance and international impact on future generations.


Engage architectural students from Historic Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) in a live design studio scenario that will challenge their imagination and expose them to Africa’s vast potential.  The students will utilize and expand the vision of the William VS Tubman University planned library site to design a digital, innovative and futuristic library that will emerge as a state of the art edifice to showcase the creative talents and expertise of these students.”

“The selected design will emerge as the blue print towards the implementation of the Tubman University E-Brary project which the William VS Tubman Foundation is raising funds to construct. When completed, the Library and Learning Resource Center will become a knowledge hub for both the university students, the community, and region.  The Foundation is a Public Benefit Corporation organized to be an additional resource support provider to the institution located in Harper, Maryland County, Liberia. It Board is committed “To generate support for quality educational opportunities at Tubman University that can transform lives in service to Liberia, Africa and the world.”  Incorporated in California, the Foundation is not organized for private financial gain of any person.


Partnering with Tubman University Foundation (TUF) to make this project a success is the Architecture Colleges of Howard, Tuskegee and Morgan State Universities. The participating students will benefit from an extraordinary experience in a new frontier emerging marketplace. They will be challenged to create an innovative design model, taking into consideration local building construction practices in West Africa and the United States concepts.

The students will have the opportunity to travel to Maryland County, Liberia, for a specified time. This project will provide a unique experience to enhance creativity while exposing students to new design ideas and construction practices. They will have the opportunity to meet with local Architects, Engineers and Construction Companies which will help them understand the practicalities and efficiencies/deficiencies of the building industry in Liberia and Africa.

The designs will be based on US Building Best Practices and material usage, thereby showcasing American standards and influencing the design, engineering and construction industry in this part of the world.



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